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1200 year old stone inscription found in Potteneri


April 29

Members of the Salem Historical Research Centre have found a 1200 year old stone slab with Tamil inscription in Potteneri village near Mecheri in Salem district.

The slab which measures 70 cms height and 65 cms wide was found in the Shri Varadharaja Perumal Temple.

The inscription is written in the Vattezhuthu form. Based on the information given by K.P.Narayanasamy a teacher in Mecheri and history buff Anbumani, an archaeological survey was conducted in the area by Professor S.Rajagopal, Retired Official, Tamilnadu Department of Archeology, Dr. Santhaligam, Vilupuram Veeraragavan a stone inscription researcher, Aragalur Pon.Venkatesan and Dr.Ponambalam.

According to the members of the Salem Historical Research Centre, the stone slab inscriptiorn is estimated to belong to the 8 th.century and the Tamil form of the inscription belongs to the period dating back to 1200 years. The first two lines of the inscription are defaced. The inscription informs about land donated by Vannan Vaaraman in the villages of Ranjikudi, Periyakalikudi and Siriyakallikudi. The reason for the land donation could be ascertained. Vannan dynasty have been known as petty kings since Sangam age.

Inscription slabs of Vannan dynasty are found in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and Chengam . In the 12 th.century they ruled from the capital Aragalur in the name of Vanakovarayar. From the inscription slab found in Poteneri it can be inferred that the Vannan’s had spread their influence in other parts of Salem district and Vannan Vaaraman had ruled the Poteneri area.

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