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October 13

The Cauvery Pushkar festival organizers have now taken up a new campaign for Clean Cauvery.

Speaking about the mission, Swami Ramanandhar, the President of the Cauvery River Protection Trust and President Maha Pushkara Vizha said that beyond working for its religious significance the trust was also concerned about its physical and social importance of the Cauvery river.

“ Like the Yauma the Cauvery river had a lot of religious and historic value but as a physical entity it is polluted to dangerous levels. This could turn into a big environment disaster and cause tensions with economic and social fall outs” he said.

He further said that the campaign would place stress on eliminating three kinds of pollution of the Cauvery river- the discharge of drainage and sewerage in the river by municipal bodies, garbage dumping on the banks of the river by local communities which has a high amount of plastics and toxic effluents discharged by industries.

“We will take the campaign with each type of the polluter” said Swami Ramandnandhar. According to the campaign organizers, in the first phase the campaign will mobilize interest about the issue among college students. Starting with various contests on the subject for college student, rallies and meetings will be held. The students have to ideate on solutions to the problem. The first such contest will be held on October 24 at Ganesh College of Arts and Science.

The Clean Cauvery campaign will be carried out in the eight districts where Cauvery runs through. Campaigns will be held in non delta districts too to create awareness among the larger public as the river’s improvement or decline affects all said the organisors adding that the Cauvery.