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Health chef Padayal Siva to demonstrate fire less cooking in Salem


December 29

No oil, no boil. Health conscious foodies and health freaks in Salem have a day devoted to them by Health Chef R.Padayal Sivakumar on January 30.

He will teach his fireless, oil less cooki.ng and demonstrate a wide variety of tasty and healthy food that can be made by this natural cookery art “Food is the source of the heath of the body, mind and soul,” says the programme publicity tag line teasing us to know how?

The master chef of natural cookery will teach how to make food work as medicine for the body, mind and soul.

He will show-

@ How to tap the medicinal properties of our native vegetables?

@ How to attain nobler states of mind such as love, patience, endurance, positive thoughts by eating food made from native vegetables.

@ How to live with total health until the time of death.

@ What is cooking? What is the objective of cooking? @ Cooking 12 items from idly to pickles using simple vegetables.

@ Food for various occasions

@ A comprehensive heath guide for the entire family.

The innovative cookery is being brought to Salemites by Mr.Cooper (an unit of MS Pharam), Gandhi Road and Subri Heath Café located at Sri Ram Nagar, Alagapuram.

Padayal Sivakumar will demonstrate his method and train people for which entry is by tickets which is on sale at the above places. The programme will be held at VMK & VMG Marriage Hall in Swarnapuri from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.


(Centre for Community Media)