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Chemplast Sanmar is currently setting up a Hydrogen Peroxide facility for a production capacity of 53,000 Tonnes Per Annum at their Mettur Complex.

According to a communication from the company, the main raw materials for manufacturing Hydrogen peroxide are Hydrogen and Air. Hydrogen is being produced by Chemplast Sanmar and this facility will utilize the same. Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile, environment - friendly chemical and has varied applications. The Chemical is environmentally friendly because after its use its leaves behind water and oxygen.

In addition to being used as an antiseptic agent in medicinal applications, major volume of production is used in bleaching of Pulp & Paper including recycle of waste paper and textiles. Other applications are: raw material for manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, effluent treatment, sterilisation of food/beverage packaging.

In minor quantities it is also used in cosmetics and several household applications, besides being used as a mouthwash. Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a powerful oxidising agent in all its applications. It releases active oxygen and turns into clean, sterile water and thus becomes an eco -friendly substance. Textile Industry Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile bleaching agent available to the textile industry.

The main advantages are ease of application, potential for reducing process time, minimization of effluent problems, preservation of textile fibre quality, a high and extremely stable degree of whiteness and harmless decomposition of product (water & oxygen). Hydrogen Peroxide is also used for bleaching of coir, jute fibre, wool and silk. Paper Industry Hydrogen Peroxide is used to bleach mechanical pulp, chemical pulp as well as waste paper pulp. Different types of paper require different amounts of hydrogen peroxide. For ex. recycled paper requires more hydrogen peroxide for bleaching than other forms. The brightness is more stable with Hydrogen Peroxide than with any other commercial bleaching agent.

The company says that Hydrogen Peroxide is an environmentally safe oxidizing agent, which does not generate chlorine derivatives in the pulp suspension. Recirculation of bleaching effluents therefore becomes possible. For these reasons and its cost effectiveness, the use of Hydrogen Peroxide has good potential in chemical pulp bleaching as a partial replacement for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and sodium/calcium hypochlorite.

Hydrogen Peroxide is used in all types of deinking processes, whether flotation or washing deinking. It is also used in recycling processes where ink is dispersed rather than removed. Most of the textile and paper industries in Tamilnadu are located in and around Mettur - Thirupur, Erode and Coimbatore and this would immensely benefit them to be more environmentally friendly. Hydrogen Peroxide is sold, as solution in water, in the concentrations of 35%, 50%, 60% and 70% depending upon the end use of the customer. Up to 60% concentration, packing can be specially designed and approved containers of HDPE polymer or stainless steel or aluminium containers and bulk road tankers/tank cars of stainless steel/aluminium construction. There are various norms and codes for packaging and transport of hydrogen peroxide. Above 60 % concentration, only metal containers are permitted.

The Chemplast Sanmar Hydrogen Peroxide plant is expected to be commissioned during the second/third quarter of the year 2018 and cater to the growing demands of this clean and green chemical with various known and the ever growing newer applications, according to the Company communication.