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Manipal Hospital Salem records rare surgery on poly trauma patient


May 22

Manipal Hospitals Salem today put on its performance records a rare, critical and life saving orthopedic surgery on a 38-year-old patient. The patient, Tamilselvan ( had met with a road accident at Tirupathur and was presented at the Hospital with multiple long bone fractures of right lower limb few days back.

Speaking about the successful procedure, Dr. C. Rajkumar – Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Manipal Hospitals Salem said, " the patient was totally immobile and our team put in quite a lot of efforts and gave multiple blood transfusions to first revive the patient from the shock in the emergency room.

He was then taken to ICU, where the patient was stabilized further; we decided to perform an initial emergency fixation to stop hemorrhage & fat embolism. As part of stage 1 treatment, he was then taken for rehabilitation and shifted to the ward. In stage 2, definite procedure surgery was performed to stabilize long bones of tigh and leg and his crushed right foot was debrided & repaired.

There were multiple internal fixations for right femur & tibia. Patient responded well to the surgery and there were no complications. He was discharged within 15 days in walking condition said Dr.C.Rajakumar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Puneet Mehta, Unit Head Manipal Hospitals Salem said he congratulated the orthopedic and joint replacement department whose performance measured up with the hospital's commitment to offer world class health care in critical situations.