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Men who gave the extra human touch saving an injured bird


December 23

An injury to a household pet parrot has made these two men exceed the boundaries of a normal human response.

Moved by intense pity for his injured pet, drug store owner Shanmugam of Nangavali got a decent surgery done and made it survive a crippled leg. In equal measure of compassion the veterinary surgeon has performed the surgery free of cost.

It was two months ago a passerby rescued a baby parrot abandoned on the road and handed it over to Shanmugam. Shanmugam took it home and gave the baby bird a decent shelter.

A month back the bird got one of its legs caught between the door and it fractured. Its happy indoor flights came to an end. Disheartened by seeing the crippled pet, Shanmugam took it to a local veterinary hospital and got the parrot’s leg dressed. He was advised higher level of treatment.

Shanmugam brought his parrot to Dr Amaranath’s hospital in Salem where a surgery was decided upon. A whole rigmarole of medical interventional process was set in motion. An x’ray and a scan was done to ascertain the level of fracture. Anesthesia was administered with precision for the tiny creature. A metal plate was set on the injured leg and the surgical process was completed successfully said the surgeon.

Post surgery treatment was intensively carried out ti the bird started responding to treatment. After a month the bird has shown tremendous progress and is now able to walk normally he said. Speaking about the veterinary feat, Dr Amarnath said that the parrot was weak weighed only 60 grams when it was brought to him for treatment. The delicate bird had to be handled with lot of precision and the surgery was performed with immense care and patience. After a month the parrot is now normal and eats fruits and grains with relish.

“ I was moved by Shanmuguam’s compassion who took all the trouble to come a the way from Nangavai with his injured pet. As a reward for his extra human act I decided not to charge him for the treatment. I just took Rs 1500 for anesthesia expense," said Dr Amarnath adding to our awe and wonder the level of compassion.

Photo caption - 1) The parrot with a bandge after surgery. 2) After its recovery.

Article contributed by G.Rajasekaran


(Centre for Community Media)