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Three North Indian thieves involved in Coimbatore ATM thefts nabbed in Salem


Salem December 14

Following the arrest of five North Indian thieves today early morning at Namakkal, the Police spread their search in Salem and caught three of them. All the five were involved in the December 10, serial ATM cash theft in Coimbatore.

Today morning the special team of the Coimbatore police and Namakkal police pursued two cars with North Indian number plates  at Keerambur Toll Gate. One of them was stopped and two occupants from North India were nabbed. Weapons used in cutting and breaking metal equipments were found in the car.

Another car sped away and the police pursued them. At Bommaikuttamedu in Saem-Namakkal Road, the occupants of the car abandoned the vehicle and ran away. The police used micro helicopter based video camera and sniffer dogs to locate them. Three of those who fled were nabbed. Those arrested includeSalman, Amit Kumar, Jubair, all the three were from Haryana. Mushtak from Uttarpradesh and another person from Bihar were the others.

Search for the North Indian thieves involved in the ATM theft in Coimbatore was extended to Salem. The Annandhanapatti Police conducted vehicle search at Seelanaickenpatti. They looked for North Indians in the vehicles. In a mini lorry the cops found crowbars, metal rods, cutters and metal wires. Three of the occupants of the vehicle were North Indians. On further search the police found Rs 90,000 cash hidden behind the music system. The police inquired the three occupants of he mini lorry and confirmed that two of them were from Haryana and one from Rajastan.

They were subjected to further investigation and it was confirmed that they too were involved in the ATM cash theft in Coimbatore. They were handed over to the Coimbatore Police. The poice revealed their names as Ameen, Sudhar and Mosem Khan.

Photo caption - The mini van that stopped near Seeanickenpatti in which were found three North Indian perosns invoved in ATM theft in Coimbatore.


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